The core of Lomus Pharmaceuticals purpose is innovation. By developing new medications that deal with significant health issues, we hope to significantly improve healthcare via our continuous commitment to research and development. Lomus has their advanced C GMP plant, this ultra-modern plant houses has specialized units for hormones and penicillin, which is Nepal's first to meet WHO class A GMP standards. Lomus understands the changing landscape of illnesses in the 21st century and strategically address the decline in infectious diseases while focusing on chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and kidney disease, hence launching safe and affordable antimicrobials, as well as the latest molecules for diabetes and CVS diseases.   Furthermore, Lomus contributes to public health by manufacturing commercially less viable eye/ear drops and other necessary formulations. By utilizing the latest developments and forming collaborative partnerships with top experts, we are expanding an extensive list of innovative medications that extend a variety of medicinal fields. We go forward in our mission to significantly enhance the lives of patients everywhere because of our consistent dedication to patient-focused innovation.