Mar 27, 2024

i. Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System

The ventilation system is a part of our Air Handling Systems (AHU). The pressure differential plan is shown in the drawing (Annex – 6). The manufacturing rooms are designed such that it can be maintained at 50± 5% RH and 24±3 0 C temperature. The air changes are designed at NLT 20 times per hour and the supply and return grill are adjusted so as to maintain a laminar flow of the air in the room.

Each department is supplied with different AHU that provides air to that department only. The return air is filtered and treated with heating/cooling and supplied again after adding 20 % fresh air to the system. The critical areas like powder mixing, granulation, dry mixing, drying, compression, powder filling, and capsule filling are maintained at negative pressure so that the powders are confined to the manufacturing area and the chance of cross contamination is reduced. In corridor of production area positive pressure is maintained. In ground floor we have pressurized lobby. The airflow in the areas like granulation, drying, lubrication, coating and mixing are well monitored. The filter grills are regularly checked and cleaned after the completion of each batch.

ii. Water Distribution System

The bore water is collected in underground tank (capacity 75 KL) and treated suitably with a series pretreatment systems like iron removal, sand, charcoal filters, softeners. The treated water is then dosed with chlorine & SMBS and passed through the RO System. The purified water is then collected in SS tank (capacity 3 KL). The stored purified water is circulated to avoid microbial growth. There is provision for sanitization and cleaning of the water distribution system. Facilities are provided nearby to each machine to carry out necessary operation & for cleaning of equipments whenever required.

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