Quality Control


Mar 27, 2024
  • Sampling of incoming materials as per the laid down specifications and testing of in-process samples, semi-finished, water and products as per IP, BP, USP and in-house specifications.
  • Approval for acceptance for raw and packing materials based on test and in process checks during manufacture
  • Maintenance of hygiene of personnel and cleanliness of the laboratory and instruments.
  • Maintaining written instruction for dealing with complaints concerning the quality of a product and analyzing the cause behind the complaint.
  • Participate in validation of product.
  • Participate in conduction of validation of cleaning procedure of equipment and machineries.
  • Perform calibration of instruments located in QC.
  • Monitor the Stability of product throughout its shelf life.
  • Maintain written instructions regarding the disposal of rejected materials, whether starting, bulk, packaged or finished products.
  • Document the details of operation carried out for reprocessed materials and prevent recurrence.
  • Conduct hold time study of bulk granules and bulk tablet
  • Conduct training and refresher course for new and old staffs.
  • Maintain retain samples of active pharmaceutical ingredient and test these periodically till their expiry dates
  • Preserve all documents pertaining to starting materials and finished products for 1 year after the date of expiry of these materials.
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